Whimsy at Sea! Leave all Culinary traditions in your cabin and just enjoy the Qsine!

Qsine Lamps

Qsine Celebrity Cruises


Qsine is a specialty restaurant with artistically designed cuisine onboard some of Celebrity’s ships.

The photos in this post are from Celebrity Summit, but Celebrity also offers this unique dining experience on some of their other ships including the Eclipse, Infinity, Silhouette, Millennium and Reflection.


We purchased the 5 dinner package before boarding, which we normally do.  This package includes 3 dinners at The Normandie and 2 dinners at Qsine.  We love the traditional elegance at The Normandie, but were a bit concerned about the unconventional design of Qsine.  I’ll be honest and admit that it took me a while to warm up to this restaurant, but I eventually did.

I think that the mistake we made on our first visit to Qsine is that we ordered too many items that were fried!  A hint of advice…Don’t order all the fried dishes in one night!!  The staff can help you decide, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Regardless of what you order, you get A LOT of food.  You won’t leave hungry!

Be prepared to have a lot of choices.  You start off with an iPad to help you with your culinary voyage and end with a cube shaped dessert menu.  From start to finish, it is a fun experience.

Qsine iPad Menu


Qsine Dessert Menu


Whimsical and unique, this restaurant offers a black and white color palette with vibrant orange accents.  Chandeliers hang upside down lighting the dining room below.  The juxtaposition between ornate black and orange lacquer and white sleek chairs provide a venue unlike many others.

Tables do not don tablecloths, but are instead set with netted placemats, stemless wine glasses and white plates.  Rather than complicating the tabletop, the food clearly plays the Star role here!

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Just as with other Celebrity restaurants, Qsine offers excellent service.  Although still very attentive, the staff in Qsine are more jovial.  They are also ever conscience of the environment around them and the needs of the guests.  They all work together to create an atmosphere of fun as they pass through the dining room with eclectic dishes.  Who wouldn’t smile when offered covered strawberries served on a bed of grass?

Qsine Strawberries


Tour the world while on the high seas without ever leaving your ship! Qsine offers a culinary journey from destinations around the world in a very unconventional way.  Each dish is presented in it’s own unique style.  From Fish and Chips in popcorn boxes to Filet Mignon on a painter’s palette, expect to be surprised!

Sushi Lollipops…YUM!!

Qsine Sushi Lollipops

Spring Rolls in Real Springs!!

Qsine Spring Rolls

Painter’s Mignon…Delicious!

Qsine Painter's Mignon

Persian Kabob…Amazingly Tasteful!

Qsine Persian Kabob

Taco Royale with fresh Guacamole!

 Design and Decorate your own Cupcakes!!

Qsine Cupcakes



Qsine Cheesecake Tini









Coffee anyone? 


Qsine Coffee



I still prefer the traditional and elegant restaurants that Celebrity Cruises is known for.  However, Qsine is an innovative experience with great food and service and it offers a break from the ordinary in a very fun environment!

You can enjoy it if you only leave your traditional notions about food in your cabin and appreciate the innovation, food and service of Qsine.  Step outside your culinary norms and try Qsine on your next trip at sea!

Wishing you many wonderful travels!!
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