Lounging Around (the Airport, that is)…


Why wait in crowded waiting areas when most airports have comfortable lounges with great features such as wi-fi, refreshments, comfortable seating and workspaces?

Although, most lounges have some entrance requirements such as a fee, they provide a much more enjoyable waiting experience than outside the lounge.  Airline lounges can sometimes be accessed as part of a frequent flyer program, a credit card travel rewards program or for a daily fee.  Many airlines also offer annual or multi-annual passes for a fee.

Airport Lounges have seen much change in the past few years.  Some lounges that once offered a wide variety of complimentary beverages, have reduced their free offerings.  However, some have expanded their beverage selections to include premium choices for an additional fee and many lounges still offer wine and beer.  You can find more information on airport lounges via the Airline or airport websites.


  • Keep in mind that some lounges require you to have a ticket for travel on their airline to use your membership.
  • Airlines typically put their lounges in airports where they have the most traffic.
  • Partner airlines often offer entrance to their lounges.
  • You are often greeted by staff that can provide you with information regarding your flight.

A look at the Air France lounge CDG:

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 Check out airport lounges to make your travel experience a little more comfortable.

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