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Welcome to Meandering Road!

Welcome to our site!

I started this site quite simply because I LOVE to travel. Whether on a weekend trip or a journey around the world, traveling involves so many adventures of which the destination is only the beginning. Discovering fantastic cultures or rediscovering your own, breathtaking sights, amazing experiences, new friends and enchanting food are all part of the allure of travel.

I developed a love of languages early in life and have always been intrigued by exciting destinations, both near and far. I love traveling anywhere and discovering what each locale has to offer. I have also always had a passion for cooking and have discovered that food and wine offer an extension of my adventures. Having a glass of bordeaux with Coq au Vin or a Napa Cabernet with a New York Strip are gentle reminders of places that I once was.

During my voyages, I consistently hear from people that they wish that travel was simpler. People love the final destination, but can be overwhelmed with finding great destinations, restaurants and hotels. The goal of this site is to offer information to fellow explorers. I hope that you find this site interesting and informative. Enjoy, but remember that the contents within these pages are simply my thoughts and opinions and that of those writing for Meandering Road.

Wishing you fantastic travels! Bon Voyage!
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