Downton Abbey Recap! Season 4 Episode 2

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Downton Abbey

Season 4 Episode 2 Recap


Spoiler Alert!

The following warning is shown before the episode begins:  “The following drama contains scenes which may not be suitable for all audiences.  Viewer discretion is advised”

This episode opens with several cars arriving at downtown Abbey.  Guests are arriving at the front entrance while luggage arrives in the back.  Downstairs is bustling and Anna interacts with Mr. Gillingham (Green), the valet to Lord Gillingham.

Lady Grantham’s party is finally here and guests are arriving!  We are excited to find out who the guests are.  

So, we know that Lord Gillingham will be there.  Lord and Lady Grantham talk to Sir John (John Bullock). Cora asks Robert about Mr. Sampson and why they have invited him to which Robert replies that he sees him at Whites sometimes.  A funny comment is made by Lord Grantham. He says, “Who is the glamorous pirate”?  Cora informs him that it is Anthony Foyle or Lord Gillingham now. Michael Gregson is there with Lady Edith and he feels outnumbered by Lady Edith’s parents friends.

The Dowager Countess replies that, “Tom’s small talk is very small indeed.”  Carson remarks about the staff that has accompanied the guests implying that it is much smaller than what would have been common before “the war”.

We hope that Tom is able to be himself, but also happy with all these guests. Is there going to be a new suitor for Lady Mary this Season?

Lord Gillingham and Mary talk as they go upstairs.  He tells her that they never moved back into their home after the war, but that they are “quite comfortable in the Dower House”.  They have a very nice conversation about childhood, grandparents and children.

Lord Gillingham seems very nice, but we still miss Matthew!  It is too soon for a romance for Mary.

In a conversation in Cora’s room, Cora again asks Robert why he has invited Samson again.  Robert says that it is, “for the same reason that you (Cora) invited Tony Gillingham and Sir John Bullock for that matter.” She simply replies that it is “good to see young men in the house again. Good for Mary”.

Tom and Edna have a conversation in the upstairs hall when she sees him in white tie.  Their conversation is a bit awkward but we see Tom’s kindness show through. He attempts to make it clear that they cannot be more than friends but does so without upsetting her.

Lady Rose and Sir John seem to be getting acquainted.  All are gathered to mingle in the drawing room at 8 in the evening.  The Dowager Countess educates Tom that  he should not refer to the Duchess (of Yeovil) as “your grace” and that he should instead call her Duchess in a social setting.  When Tom says that it does not seem logical, the Dowager Countess replies that, “If I were to search for logic, I should not look for it among the English upper class.” Thomas corrects Tom that he should call him Barrow.

Poor Tom!

Downstairs, Carson informs Mrs. Hughes that the singer can have a tray in her room and that the pianist can eat with them in the servant’s hall.  He is adamant that a singer should certainly not dine with her ladyship and the Duchess.  Mr. Moseley arrives making a delivery to Downton Abbey.

At breakfast, it is clear that Samson has won quite a few games of cards against the men.  Edith tries to encourage her father to come on a walk with she and Mr. Gregson.  Mary and Lord Gillingham are riding in a beautiful forest. Mary tells Lord Gillingham that she and Matthew were “flung” at each other since the moment that she and Matthew met, but that they were happy in the end.  They discuss love and how Matthew has changed Mary.  Mary remarks that she would probably be happier now if she were as tough as she was before knowing Matthew.

Love changes us all, but Love is grand!

Nellie Melba, an Australian singer is coming to Downton Abbey.  Everyone is excited, but the real question is where she will sit for dinner!  The ladies tour the gardens of Downton.  Meanwhile, in the library, Michael Gregson tells Edith that he is becoming quite fluent in German.  He also has a short conversation with Lord Grantham who quickly dismisses himself to finalize the wine selections.

Mary and Lord Gillingham talk about how nice it is to see the estate intact.  Lord Gillingham gives some advice to Mary to meet with tax officials and come up with the best deal possible. He explains that in the end, he and his family let the house, but kept their land.

Perhaps this means that Lord Gillingham’s estate could someday be restored.

Mary discusses the plan to pay the taxes with Lord Grantham.  Mary fears that they will end up with “an estate that can’t support the house” if they chose Lord Grantham’s option of selling land.

It appears that Mary is making progress with her father!

Tom dances with the Duchess.  Granny is very straightforward when Mary tries to use her as an excuse not to dance with Lord Gillingham.  Ultimately, she ends up dancing with him, but says, “I don’t know why I am doing this”.  Mary rushes off after seeing the gramophone that was Matthew’s.  We find out that Rose has asked for it be brought down from the attic to play her records.

This must have been very difficult for Mary.  The grieving process can’t be easy with constant reminders at Downton Abbey. Mary has lost her true love.

Samson continues to win at cards and Edna continues to try to talk with Tom.

Tom should be cautious of Enda.  She is very convincing and is playing with his emotions!

Robert reveals more about how Mr. Sampson came to be invited to the party.  He explains that he was talking about the party at the club and that Mr. Sampson hinted about coming.

This makes it clear that Mr. Sampson cleverly worked his way into this party.  Obviously, he has an agenda!

Mary is sad and remarks that she doesn’t know if she is mourning more for Matthew or the person that she was when she was with himThe Dowager Countess tries to convince Isobel to come to Downton Abbey to her Melba sing.  Molesley is seen running to Downton and we find that he has been called by Carson.  He is surprised that Carson asks him to be a footman.  Moseley is asked if he is the footman when he shows up in a footman’s livery.  Moseley says, “I’m having my career backwards”.

Poor Molesley!

Cora continually asks if Dame Nellie has arrived.  No one is sharing with her that she is being kept away from the guest, but it is clear that Cora wants her to join them.  Once Cora finds out that she is expected to eat in her room, she puts a stop to it immediately and insists that she sits next to Robert and that “he will like it”.  Robert replies, ”What does one say to a singer?” Roberts blames Carson, of course!

Find more information about the real Dame Nellie Melba on here on Wikipedia!

Mrs. Patmore has a panic attack from worrying and working too much.  She is seen by the doctor.  Bates is jealous of Anna, but there seems to be validity in his concern of the questionable actions of Mr. Green.

At dinner, Lord Grantham is won over by Dame Nellie when she appreciates his wine.  She compliments his Chateau Haute-Brion and she explains that she knows it from just taste as it is one of her favorites.  Lord Gillingham asks Lady Mary if he could take her to dinner when she is in London.  Although Mary declines, Isobel is watching sadly as this occurs.  It is difficult for Isobel to see Mary laughing.

We all know that Isobel is kind and loves Mary as her daughter-in-law, but she is deeply sad and still grieving the loss of her son.  

Carson continues contemplating the many changes that have occurred after the war.  Tom and Lord Grantham chat in the Library where Tom questions his status.  Lord Grantham is kind to Tom and encourages him that he belongs.

We love seeing when Lord Grantham shows emotion and forward thinking.  Although, it is rare.

Dame Nellie sings for the family, guests and staff of Downton. Michael Gregson sneaks off and Edith wonders why. He assures her that she will know soon.  Even the kitchen staff are invited to hear the performance, which is another change that has occurred in the tradition of great houses and their staff after the war.

The scene changes and Samson seems surprised to have lost the game.  It appears that he had been cheating and Micheal Gregson has called him on it with his own tactics.

Anna and Mr. Green are in the kitchen.  He makes a pass at her and insults Bates.  Anna, as we would expect, says how much Bates makes her happy.  Mr. Green kisses her, hits her and forces her into a room.

Caution: This scene is very difficult to watch.  The violence is set in contrast to the beautiful singing upstairs.

We wonder why things like this happen to people.  We wonder why things like this happen to people as kind as Anna and our hearts break for her.  

Isobel and the Dowager Countess depart. When Lord Grantham returns, Michel Gregson returns the card losses to all the men that have lost against Mr. Samson.  He also returns Lord Grantham’s losses which helps him find favor with Lord Grantham.

Edna continues trying to see Tom and brings him a whiskey.  Mrs. Hughes finds a hurt and distressed Anna. Anna begs her to get some new clothes for her and to not tell anyone. She is worried that Bates will defend her and get in more trouble.  She tells Mrs. Hughes that, “no one else must ever know”.

Lord Grantham surprises Lady Grantham that he remarks positively about Mr. Gregson.  Although he adds that he isn’t sure if he is right for Edith.

Anna and Bates talk, but she doesn’t want him to touch her.  Bates and Anna are always so affectionate, so Bates will surely question this.

The episode ends with Anna leaving and Bates calling to her, “Anna?”

Tune in next time, to see what happens in Season 4 Episode 3!

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